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Photography by Dressler Photography, Inc.

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"Just A Worm" by Marie Boyd

After being called “just a worm” by two children, Worm embarks on a journey around the garden to prove them wrong. I incorporated concepts of nature, natural selection, habitats, and interdependence in this picture book, which I illustrated with a cut-paper technique called quilling.

Just a Worm is a great read-aloud for family sharing and is a terrific choice for classrooms where the concepts of nature and the natural world are introduced, as well as for teaching social skills such as collaboration and empathy. It includes a quilling craft for young readers, facts about earthworms, a glossary, and a special message to readers from Worm.


Available NOW! 

"The stunning illustrations are done in quilled paper . . . which adds sparkle and originality." — Kirkus Reviews

Just A Worm interior3 (1).jpg

Interior Art Just a Worm by Marie Boyd. Photography by Dressler Photography, Inc.

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