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Quilling (Not Quilting)

When I tell people I quill, the most common question I get after “what’s that?” or "did you say quilting or quilling?" is, “how did you start quilling?”

A quilled flower:

A quilled flower in a jar

I never planned to start quilling, in fact, if you had asked me 10 years ago what quilling was, I probably would have thought that you were asking about quilting. I've also quilted, but quilting is definitely not my thing as it took me years to finish the small quilt below for my son.

The quilt that took me a very long time to finish even with lots of help from my mom, and my mom's friend (who also made my baby blanket), doing the quilting:

I--with help from my husband and parents--embroidered the critters in jars using stamped embroidery blocks from Jack Dempsey Needle Art.

One day, I was at a craft store, and it had all of its quilling supplies on clearance. I may have bought, um, almost all of them after quickly Googling “quilling.”

I had never quilled before, but I love paper, so I thought it would be fun to try. I fell in love with quilling, and I’ve been quilling ever since.

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